Market Research Services



CDPS, Inc. is your local resource for JMP data conversion and JMP databases!

Survey data, Excel datasets, ascii data....  can all be converted to JMP for easy statistical analysis!  A fast, efficient and affordable process, CDPS can provide JMP services for all of your needs, from small base projects to very large base studies.  Call 513-248-0603 for more information, or fill out the form to the right and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a quote!

Analytics & Reporting

CDPS employs powerful software to insightfully analyze your data and produce informative reports.

For example, Desktop Reporter easily builds tables and runs statistics.  This allows you to quickly and easily view the results of your consumer surveys.  CDPS arranges your data in the proper format, so Desktop Reporter can show you the information inside your data.  This makes running your own tables and viewing your results easy.  All files are prepared to your specifications, as are all banners.

You don't have the time or software to run your own tables?  Let us create detailed statistical reports that will display your results, based on your specifications!

Excel offers a more fundamental approach to analyzing data. The powerful applications within Excel allow for detailed analysis without the expense and training of Quantum.  The CDPS Team is Excel expert.

Access puts your data into a database format that gives you the means to do queries and reports.

To learn more or to receive a quote, please click here or call 513.248.0603.