Coding, Data Collection, Surveys



CDPS builds codes from verbatim data and creates your code sheets.

CDPS codes your open-ended questions, turning those responses into meaningful data that can be analyzed and tabulated.  All CDPS coders have over 10 year’s experience coding voluntary comments.  This experience provides you with an accurate understanding of what the respondent wanted to convey.

Data Collection

No matter how large the project, your deadline will be met. CDPS’s two shifts of experienced data entry operators, most with over 25 year’s experience, use CDPS’s proven dual entry system.  This proven verification system double-checks 100 percent of your data - or specific fields, as required. Operator statistics and continuous monitoring ensure accurate, high-quality data.

On-Line Surveys

CDPS can custom design an online survey that fits your needs, then give you the survey link to share or email your link to your respondents for you.

Pareto Principle

Learn how CDPS can help you apply the Pareto 80/20 principle to your surveys!

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